Steel Building Manufacturers - UK

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of prefabricated steel buildings including steel framed garages, barns, shelters, farm sheds, shed kits and much more. We ensure that we provide a huge range of high quality buildings which meet client’s specific requirements and through the use of state of the art software we allow every customer to see their steel framed building before it is manufactured.

We have gained a reputation as reliable steel building manufacturers across the UK, through ongoing training and consistently upgrading our equipment to ensure the highest quality finish to all of the steel framed buildings which are made at our Scotland facility. Through the use of the latest equipment and our dedicated, highly skilled workforce, we are able to design any type of light gauge structure down to the millimetre by incorporating some of the most innovative engineering techniques.

We pride ourselves in always delivering exquisite quality solutions to every client, whether you are looking for a commercial steel framed building, through to a prefabricated garage structure for your home. Also, all of our buildings are designed, manufactured and finished to withstand the harshest UK weather, meaning that even if you are living in the Scottish Highlands; our steel buildings will withstand the test.

As part of our dedication to achieving excellent customer satisfaction, we will produce detailed plans to be submitted to your local building authority and provide all necessary assistance with building approvals. We will then work alongside each customer and the authorities to ensure that our steel buildings are tailored to meet everybody’s specifications.
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